The rain drizzled down upon the tiled rooftops of the Highwall's ramparts in the dead of night as two guardsmen of the Haven wall's spoke in hushed voices. They stood around a solitary light from an iron pit of fire, metal stained black from uncleaned soot and ash. Behind them was the city of Haven, banners and flags of many dazzling and eccentric colours and designs shook in the harsh winds like wraiths come to haunt the festive spirits of the noon. Posters and cards proclaiming in extravagant handwriting; 'The King is dead. Long live the King!'.

"I've not heard naught from ole' Brandon the last week since!"

The usual shining of the Ruinis made armour was drained of life from the soaked banner and creaking of his pauldrons from gesticulation. The taller of the two spoke in a raised voice only enough to break through the roaring of the storm but wary not to follow down to the bottom of the wall. The streets were empty but in this day and age, a man whose tongue is loose and eyes weak would fine end only in a frozen dungeon.

"I'm telling ye', as I've told Kascara..."

The stubby guard looked down to the ground before approaching his peer.

"Brandon, had honours of serving under the ole' King. I'm a better man than old wife to know that you'll find no use in making tales or speculation of these affairs."

The taller guard's eyes slitted slightly at the news. His hands were slightly shaken and he gripped his halberd, haphazardly stacked on a wooden post keeping the roof from failing in on them. He'd not been able to feel the cold metal due to his own gauntlets but the weight of it seemed to hold his body still. He replied but his voice didn't hold the same strength his body now had.

"And whose muddied lips did ya' spy this information from? Lizz per chance?"

The stubby guard wet his lips as he continued to speak. His eyes darted, daring not to even look him in the eye.

"Nay, even me missus ain't heard hide nor hair of Lizz either. Vanished like a spectre, same as 'er husband. The word came from... a visitor of the inns I took to visiting lately looking for the ole' man."

You could now start to hear the sound of the halberd scrap against the cobblestone wall flooring as the guard could no longer be held still by it. Sitting in the safest city of the world looking for an odd fellow or two was no threat to him and the pay was more well off then he had as a mere squire on the front lines of the Northlands.

"I-I... I've no interest anymore Lorian... Devil's whispers come from the unknown and the mist. With a topic such as this the last thing I want is a rogue thought nor a taste of the new King's blade."

He may of only been a bottom of the line guardsmen but even the guard knew better than to listen to deep into the affairs of a missing King's bodyguard. Especially if his whole family was to of vanished just after the new King's coronation.

Even at his request his fellow guardsmen Lorian continued on, his breath seeming to get more ragged as he spoke. The thought of the possibility and depth this knowledge has even taken a toll on the poor man.

"Percy, you'd do best to lend ears. Better to be all awares than snooping where you aught not be wanting to snoop. I've not a plan in my blunt skull to be accusing another of certain deeds and neither should you, you wet eared Northern bedshitter."

And so the night went on, after this exchange continued shortly after they had both fallen silent. Neither had truly known what they should or even could do with this information. It may possible be speculation, tales from a sleight demon or truth as that from the words of the Light but it wouldn't mean bollocks if they were dead from uttering it further.

The rain continued to pour down onto the walls and city all until dawn. From there they'd taken their first new oath as guardsmen of the walls.

Only a slight amendment was changed since they'd joined merely a few years prior.

Long Live King Jordan had become Long Live King Terra.

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