In order to test out your skills as a leader and as a Caster, the mysterious deities send you through a portal. You suddenly find yourself and your Summons before a throne room. The Throne Room of the legendary King Loire of Britannian himself. You'll need to survive his royal guards' attacks before you can find out what is going on.


  • Subdue both Sir Theo and Sir Diadwin.


Unkown Guide: "So? You done looking around?"

He smiles devilishly.

Unknown Guide: "Then I suppose you'll finally be ready to go. Our "deities" have become ever so tiresome of waiting as the centuries drag on you see."

He stretches his arms out vertically and a portal rips into view. The magic seems to resemble space and even constellations within the portals inside. As you cautiously inspect it, you find yourself being forcably dragged within.

Without even a moment's rest, your brains isn't able to fully comprehend the leap in setting and surroundings. You look around finding yourself in a glorious throne room of what seems to be Elven design. The walls and furnishings however have been decorated and modified in some sort of rough early Britannian carpentry and decorations. However you are unable to ponder more on the stylistic choices of the interior designer as the shouting of two Britannian men interrupts your thought. You look behind you seeing a lavish throne made entirely of dark oaken wood and silver, the light from the large stain glass windows reflecting on the finely polished metal of it. Sitting inside, looking down on you like some sort of leech or worm is a man you're memory recalls but your brain itself cannot... King Loire I of Britannian, the founder of the Old Empire itself.

Two men approach weapons drawn, a tall knight his face dignified and with powerful structure and another leaner man with a sorrowful look seemingly etched into his expressions. Sir Diadwin and Sir Theo... Knights of Britannia's First Round Table. Suddenly you had the understanding that since your Summon was still visible, it meant this wasn't your return home and you weren't willing to risk your life finding out it was a dream.

Sir Diadwin: "Black magic most foul, another agent of the Elves are you?"

Sir Theo: "It'll be no issue sending their bodies to the wizard of White Peak to find out. My Majesty?"

Loire doesn't speak as Sir Theo looks back to him for affirmation. He just flicks out his fingertips softly towards you and your Summon. Sir Diadwin takes out his shining sword seemingly glowing with golden light and Sir Theo takes a bow made of some sort of black and white woods from his back. It seems the diplomacy won't be an option this time. Without knowing what'll do to time, it might be best not to kill anybody here.

Sir Diadwin and Sir Theo defeated.

You and your Summon both manage to hold off Sir Diadwin and Sir Theo from their extermination of your brief existence. They stand five steps aways from you, heavy ragged breathing and sweat dripping from their foreheads. King Liore finally speaks, his voice booming with authority beyond measure.

King Liore: "Stop."

Both the Knights look to King Liore hesitantly and confused.

Sir Diadwin: "Sire- We still draw breath, let us handle this. For our honour..."

King Liore: "Nay, both of you shall rest. These visitors are poor assassins if that was their true agenda here."

Sir Theo: "Our Majesty speaks the truth Diadwin... No point in teleporting in just to rumble with royal guards all day. The Elves would surely send in someone more stealthly or deadly. Although- these intruders did get a few good hits in."

You slump your shoulders a bit in exhaustion. You live another day it seems.

King Liore: "However, that doesn't discount the fact they are intruders. For now; Diadwin, Theo. Take them to the Guest Bedroom and see a servant tends to them while we discuss how to proceed. I want Sir Clyde and Sir Regalt guarding the room."

The two Knights stand to attention and salute immedialty once they are given orders.

Sir Diadwin: "Aye Sire."

Sir Theo: "Yes, your Majesty."

King Liore, Sir Diadwin and Sir Theo killed.

With three Knights of the Round Table defeated and an empty throne in front of you, there is only one clear option of what to do. You pick up the bloodied scepter and crown from King Liore's head and sit down in your new throne. Monarch of Britannia, ey? Surely this was only the beginning of your reign filled with more bloodshed and tyranny than any timeline ought to see. Hopefully you won't be booted out the way you came in.

This is an easter egg ending to TB Legends. This won't lock off the rest of the game or the campaign, this is simply here for achievement purposes.


  • Attacking King Loire will bring him into combat. However defeating him does not drop his summon sigil as it does for his boss fight at the end of the Round Table questline.
    • Sir Diadwin does not drop his sigil either until the end of the Round Table questline.
    • Sir Theo doesn't drop his sigil until the end of his optional side quests.
  • If beaten or equalled Sir Diadwin and Sir Theo will be be told to back off by King Loire and the mission will be completed. This is far easy than fighting them to the death as killing them will aggro King Loire.
  • Although Sir Diadwin and Sir Theo are both much weaker than normal for this mission, King Loire is at his normal strength for the start of his reign and will be quite difficult to beat early on even with a Nueva Skill.
  • Since Sir Diadwin, Sir Theo and King Loire aren't Summons but are still alive at this time, they have no Nueva Skill.
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